Dorte Bladt and her daughter Singe

My personal journey

We thought our beautiful daughter Signe was an angel. She was the tiniest little cherub with wavy blonde locks and bright blue eyes. She loved singing, dancing, painting and doing craft, and she was a real chatterbox, sharing her thoughts, questions and observations with anyone who would listen – the young and old, known or unknown.

At five years old, my big girl started school. She looked gorgeous in her blue and white checked school dress. I was so proud of her, venturing out into the big wide world all by herself.

However, within a few months our world was turned upside down. The kindergarten teacher informed us that Signe had trouble with learning at school. She wasn’t learning to read, couldn’t do maths, wasn’t paying attention and she was uncoordinated. My husband and I wondered what we had done wrong. We thought we had done everything ‘right’ to raise a healthy and clever little girl, including regular chiropractic adjustments, healthy foods, lots of time to play, plenty of exercise, reading and singing every day and –  of course – much love.

Signe’s struggles with school weren’t limited to the classroom, though. She would tell me how she spent recess and lunch sitting alone on the bench while the other kids played because she couldn’t run fast enough to be part of their games. When I asked if she wanted to invite friends home to play, she would say the other kids didn’t like her and didn’t want to play with her because she was so stupid.

My heart crumbled

Can you imagine the pain in this little girl? Five years old, failing kindergarten, feeling worthless, useless, and no good? I wasn’t feeling much better myself. In my mind, I was a failure both as a Chiropractor and a mother.

Becoming an active participant

Signe doing the set exercise routine

The school system and the many professionals I consulted provided very little in terms of action plans and solutions so I decided I needed to become an active participant in helping my daughter to learn and feel better about herself. Realising that I didn’t have the faintest idea how, I threw myself into research. I read, did courses and studied to all hours to find ways to help my daughter succeed in all areas of her life. As I learnt about neurology, sensory-motor integration, nutrition, teaching approaches and different chiropractic techniques, I practiced with Signe.

I am happy to say that what I learned over those following many years has had the most profound effect on Signe’s life, particularly her learning and development. She grew from strength to strength and from success to success: academically, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The real Signe blossomed in front of my husband and I

Signe at the beachNo longer that young, fragile five year old, Signe is now a confident and happy young adult. She finished school with flying colours, became an excellent swimmer and has a bunch of lovely friends. Life is good! She is passionate about learning and is studying to become a primary school teacher. Along the journey, Signe empowered herself with the knowledge and tools to expand her own development and knows intimately what it is like when learning doesn’t come easily. She is going to be the most wonderful teacher; I just know it.

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