As parents we wish for our children to be happy, healthy, confident, capable and resilient human beings. Sometimes we find that this is easier said than done.

The Switched-on Kids program helps you help your child be their best in all areas of her life – the natural way.

Switched-on Kids is about empowering you – the parent – with knowledge and tools to take charge of your child’s health, function and learning. You will gain an immediate understanding of how the brain works through up-to-date, easily understood science and research. You will learn how to stimulate brain function for learning (and for life) through fun coordinative sensory-motor exercises, easily implemented food considerations and lots of life-changing tips on connection and communication.

Your options to learn more

Switched-on Kids Book

This is an invaluable resource taking you step-by-step through a manageable program to help your child succeed in all areas of life. Its easy-to-read format explains how the brain functions and learns, and provides you with tips and tools to empower your child to learn.

Learn from the professionals

Flourishing Families provides you with the information and tools you need to nourish the health, connection, well-being and love in your family, thereby helping your children grow up to be their best in all areas of their lives.

Exercise Video

This 24 minute video takes you through how to do the brain-stimulating exercises with your child. This is a great way to motivate your child to do the exercises correctly.

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