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Switched-on kids courses for chiropractors

Switched-on Kids is all about vitality, development and optimum expression of life in children, from bubs to teens. It addresses chiropractic’s ‘forgotten kids’ – the 4 – 12 year olds. Switched-on Kids provides you with critical knowledge, practical solutions and improved confidence to best care for kids this age group, across many (or no) symptomatic presentations.

In these chiropractic courses you will learn to perform chiropractically useful assessments of a child’s function in a fun, time efficient and reproducible way, including those for primitive reflexes.  From this information you will gain insight into the formulation of an appropriate chiropractic care plan.  You will master valuable chiropractic techniques, specific to the age of each child or baby, and powerful lifestyle advice to support your adjustment.  

All the Switched-on Kids seminars and e-learning provide chiropractic continuing education points.

As a chiropractor, do you?

Struggle to objectively assess the function of a child’s nervous system, specifically demonstrating improvements following your care?
Find it difficult to master specific, gentle chiropractic care?
Lack the tools to provide holistic support for this age group with brain stimulating exercises, nutritional considerations, emotional connections and communication strategies?

Your options to learn more


The Switched-on Kids courses for chiropractors are designed to ensure your complete competence and confidence in your chiropractic care for babies and kids. The workshop format with small numbers of attendees provides lots of hands-on practice as well as my personal attention to you. By giving you the essential background information, useful recent research and loads of practical experience, mastery of chiropractic care for kids is within your reach.


Switched-on Kids E-learning is the online version of the Switched-on Kids course for chiropractors addressing the 4-12 year olds. Now you can get your chiropractic continuing education from the comfort of your living room.


This is an invaluable resource for the parents in your practice, enlightening them about how the nervous system works and the detrimental effects of subluxations. This book inspires and motivates parents to take responsibility to do all the things that help the chiropractic adjustment hold better.

Exercise video

This video demonstrates, through words and action, how to do the revolutionary Switched-on Kids brain-stimulating exercises with the children in your practice, to help improve neurological function and integrate retained primitive reflexes.

Learning support package

This contains practical resources for Switched-on Kids chiropractors: A video of the complete Switched-on Kids assessment (4-12 yrs) as well as the video of all the SOK brain stimulating exercises for children. In addition you receive the SOK chiropractic paperwork and photos of SOK exercises to make your own personalised pamphlets.

Our success

Read how our revolutionary Switched-on Kids program has helped chiropractors gain tools to better care for children.

Upcoming events

Switched-on Babies

Switched-on Babies
May 15 & 16, 2021

Sydney, Australia

This two-day seminar is for chiropractors get their chiropractic continuing education and learn the Switched-on Kids approach to the care of babies.

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