What is Switched on Kids

Switched-on Kids courses for chiropractors are about vitality, development and optimum expression of life in children, from bubs to teens. The focus is on providing an objective and useful assessment of their function in a fun, time efficient and reproducible way. This will lead to an appropriate and effective chiropractic care plan, with lifestyle considerations and advice given to support the adjustment. 

Switched-on Kids specifically addresses chiropractic’s ‘forgotten kids’ – the 4 – 12 year olds. As Australia records ever increasing numbers of children struggling with learning, attention, coordination and behaviour, chiropractors tell me they are concerned about their present knowledge and skills with these kids.  Switched-on Kids courses for chiropractors provides you with critical knowledge, practical solutions and essential confidence to best care for kids this age group, across many (or no) symptomatic presentations.

Switched-on Babies focuses on babies and toddlers and the special approaches required for this tender age of developing nervous systems and spinal structures.

Switched-on Kids Elements facilitates the essential knowledge of the family chiropractor for all children, keeping you up to date with the recent developments in ‘best practice’ in knowledge and skills.

The Switched-on Kids courses for chiropractors all provide 12.5 hours of continuing education.

Switched-on Kids courses for chiropractors is about helping children be as healthy, happy and confident as they possibly can be. The revolutionary Switched-on Kids program is based on the all important connection between the brain and the body and focuses on improving function in both.

Brain and nervous system

Brain and nervous system function are vitally important for a child’s optimal development and function. Knowing the appropriate assessment protocols, including checking for primitive reflexes, and adjusting techniques for every age group is essential for every chiropractor caring for kids. You will master gentle and effective ‘Best Practice’ care that you can confidently implement on Monday morning.

Movement and exercise

One of the most important ways to stimulate a child’s brain comes from moving their bodies. Switched-on Kids provides you with a fun and motivating program which incorporates play with specific balance, coordination and sequence exercises. This program is designed to create new connections and pathways in the brain and integrate primitive reflexes.


The health of the gut is directly related to the health of both body and brain. With Switched-on Kids courses for chiropractors you will understand exactly what in a child’s diet may upset their system and also what additions to their diet may be beneficial to their overall health and wellbeing. You will receive manageable, user-friendly strategies to help you help the families in your care make changes – one little step at a time.


Switched-on Kids employs a unique combination of approaches to optimise a child’s health and brain function. The system is firmly grounded in science and research, and has been tried and tested by hundreds of chiropractors around the world for many years.  In addition, it provides the chiropractor with valuable up-to-date continuing education.

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