Learn chiropractic techniques and receive 12.5 formal learning hours

Help children be their best

Switched-on Kids’ mission is to empower chiropractors to learn chiropractic techniques to help children be their best – naturally.  Master the Switched-on Kids protocols easily through our face-to-face workshops, e-learning program and our support products.  Switched-on Kids is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current practice.  We also have a book for you to use to engage parents in their children’s journey.

Switched-on Kids is built on the chiropractic concept that the brain is the master control system for the body, requiring optimal stimulation through movement, nutrition and mental state to function at its best.

  • Gain a wealth of knowledge regarding brain function and development
  • Learn to recognise normal childhood development
  • Understand childhood neurological disorders, facilitating conversations with parents and professionals
  • Master appropriate neurological assessments for baby to teenager
  • Learn chiropractic techniques tailored to different age groups
  • Acquire knowledge of primitive reflex integration
  • Understand current digestive and nutritional considerations
  • Take home fun and effective brain stimulating exercises to optimise function and development
  • Gain specific tools to help improve learning and concentration skills

The face-to-face seminars have strictly limited numbers to allow for personalised attention during the hands-on workshops, or choose the e-learning option to learn chiropractic techniques from the comfort of your home.

With the Switched-on Kids seminars and e-learning you will learn chiropractic techniques worth 12.5 hours of CE/CPD.