August 5, 2017


by: Dorte Bladt


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Why I teach Switched-on Kids to chiropractors worldwide

I remember sitting on the couch with my beautiful little five year old daughter attempting to encourage her to try to read the little four-page home reader in her lap. She would look at it, sigh exhaustedly, and often with a silent teardrop rolling down her cheek, try to decipher the mindboggling symbols on the page. I remember these agonising hours clearly because her Kindergarten teacher insisted this had to be our afternoon routine if my little girl was ever to learn what her peers were already mastering.

This was the time I realised there must be another way to help children learn and succeed other than repeating what they have trouble with over and over. I dedicated myself to learning this vital information and spent many years studying and researching child brain function and development, child movement patterns, nutrition and learning styles.

I discovered essential knowledge, tools and strategies that were so different to what I had previously learnt. It was so inspiring I had to share this important information to help other families who struggled like we did! So in 2006, I started teaching my program, ‘Switched-on Kids’ (SOK), to chiropractors around the globe.

SOK is a workshop-style seminar, covering the intricacies how to assess, adjust and support the nervous system function in children aged 4-12.  I have taught SOK to over a thousand chiropractors all over Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Denmark and UK.

Consistent repetition is the key to neuroplasticity, and this seems to be the most common challenge chiropractors face when caring for children.  Parents need to understand how important their role is to help their children succeed in school and in life.

In 2015, I published Switched-on Kids – The natural way to help children be their best to help empower parents to step up at home and contribute in many ways to help their kids.

I wrote it based on my personal experience as a chiropractor and a mother, supported by background theory, ideas and suggestions as well as practical tips to help kids succeed. This book is a visually beautiful magazine style book full of easy-to-understand explanations of how the brain works as well as tools to make change such as powerful brain exercises, nutritional considerations and learning strategies. It’s a book that parents and chiropractors can benefit from.

As for my daughter, she has come a long way from that young and struggling five year old girl. She is now a happy and confident adult studying to become a primary school teacher!